Monday, April 10, 2006

Even more good news...

I managed to catch the 'early' ferry today AND it wasn't raining when I got to 'port'. So, the fiance and I strapped on our walking shoes and took an hour long walk before heading home!

Food has been PERFECT today - had a bit of a problem earlier in the day because one of the meals I had planned was a shake - one that had to be 'blended' but I was at a client site and thus couldn't use my blender. I compromised and just ate a little later. At this moment I've got about 140 calories left to eat - a real no brainer - and I'll be at 100% for all my goals for today.

My goals for tomorrow are written out and posted in BIG letters on the fridge.

I still don't have my rewards - motivator planned out. Fiance is pushing me for them. I had thought to use our upcoming 'honey-moon' trip as a motivator (If I didn't reach my goal I wouldn't go) but since my future in-laws are paying for part of it (as a birthday/Christmas present to me) they might not be too understanding if I bailed on it after all the planning. Sooooo I'm going to have to think of something else nearly as important to me as a motivator. Something that will help me when the going gets rough, when I've had a REALLY bad day or when I'm thinking of caving into peer pressure. For years now I've given in to instant gratification. Weight loss was such a far off (and sometimes unbelievable) goal that it's been all to easy to say 'yes' to the chocolate cake. When the going gets tough there's going to have to be some SERIOUS stuff on the line to keep this stubborn gal headed in the right direction.

Just to give you an idea how serious I am about this, some of the ideas I've come up with (and the fiance has agreed to) are:

If I don't reach my goal I will sell my car (my dream car that I bought after my divorce)


I have to sell my breyer horse collection (I've been collecting since I was in the 6th grade)


I have to sell my barbie collection

Fiance has also offered that if I reach my goal he'll go the Dr and make sure we don't have to worry about a 'late life baby' anymore. (and if you know anything about me you'll know that I'm ALL about worry free knooky)

Now, some of you might think that these seem like some PRETTY serious consequences. But, you know what - that's how serious I am about THIS time getting it done. I'm SICK of looking and feeling the way I do. I'm sick of ALWAYS being on a diet, of always wondering what it would be like if I would just put all I know together and not just PLAN it, think about it, talking about it... but DO IT. Do it 100%. Do it right. No more "Well I ate 'good' but didn't make it to gym" or "hit the gym but ate like crap" or worse "Ate like crap and didn't exercise and now I've gained 5 lbs back" ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Of course there's also the motivation that in September we'll be Flying to London, visiting England and 'Eloping' in Scotland. By sticking to my goals/plan, I could be the same weight as I was when I graduated High School (and have never been since) when we go to the UK. THAT's pretty awesome to think about.

When I get my final list of motivators together - I'll post them here. And no, not all of them will be negative - Things like a brand new wardrobe is in my future. And not all my motivators will be based on my 'ultimate' goal. I've got a few 'milestones' along the way.

First stop is 84 days from now when I will be 182 lbs. Whoot whoot!


  1. Hay if you're going to England in Spetember, perhaps let me know what you're planning. I might be able to give you some inside info on things, or perhaps we could hook up for a few hours on day, if you stop at any point near my area :-).


  2. Sounds like you are ready to go!
    You can do it!
    I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming trips. They sound fantastic. Is anyone else going with you on your elopement or just the two or you will be there?

  3. I think you and I are at about the same place now, weight-wise, so I'm looking to you for some inspiration -- I love the idea of the motivation-rewards system. I'm going to have to give this some thought...

    But I am cheering you on all the way!

  4. Hey Shawn glad to see you're back and hope everything works out for the best. I know you can succeed at doing this!If you want you can send me all your collectibles to hold until you achieve your goals. I know I will be giving them back to you in a short time, but I'm willing.