Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just checking in to let you know that things are going really well.

Last week about thursday I completely crashed I was just pooped out ... BUT I went for a walk and later a short jog. AND I stayed on track food wise the ENTIRE WEEK!

Weigh in this Monday - 205.4. Not a two pound loss but better then nothing!

This week is good as well. I made it to the gym yesterday and had a great shoulder workout. Food's been perfect. I've made lunch each day and have stayed on plan 100% I expect to see the scale continuing to go down.

I'll post more details later but wanted to let everyone know that things are on a roll...


  1. Great job Shawn! Keep up the good work! With consistant effort, the pounds will come off. I know it can be such a slow process, but trust in the fact if you do what you need to do and stick to you plan, you will reach your goals!

  2. Shawn it's all about staying true to yourself.

    You make the goals, you try hard to stick to them. If they don't quite happen, then as long as you giver your best you can't ask any more of yourself.

    You still have a lot to be proud of, so don't worry about little things, and know you are doing amazingly well, and you will succeed long term.

    just keep your chin up, keep smiling, and kepe believing. You're a strong person, and nothing can stop you looking and feeling how you want to, not now not ever.

    Just keep being you, and you'll fabulous by Christmas, and you look pretty rocking right now :-).

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


  3. Way to pick yourself up again so quickly! Keep it up!