Monday, April 3, 2006

Hi hi hi!

Do you remember back in January when I mentioned that things were getting busy and posts may be thin? Well there was a reason for that – you see I started working two jobs then. Both for the same company – but still two jobs. I was waiting for them to hire my replacement for my ‘old’ job and starting to do my ‘new’ job. Needless to say – that took a HUGE toll on my time. In fact – this past month it reached critical mass. For the past three weeks I’ve averaged 50 hours, add on top of that the four hours I spend commuting every day and you’ve got one tired out chick!

Last week – my replacement started and I spent all week training her (as well as doing my ‘other/new’ job). Today – today I FINALLY got to go back to only working one job!

I had such plans – such big big plans for today. I was going to spend all day Saturday making all my meals for the week. Then this morning it was going to be back to the gym with a vengeance. It seems fate had other plans. Friday afternoon I started to feel ‘not right’. By the time 5:00PM rolled around I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to drive myself home – but I managed. I went right to bed and ended up not getting up again until Sunday Morning. I spent the entire weekend in bed with an 102 degree temperature. Needless to say I didn’t make it to the gym today… but MAN were my intentions good.

As for the past three weeks – other then not making it to the gym I think I did alright. I ate REALLY clean. And for two weeks in a row I’ve made it to a yoga class. I really like it.

Other then that – the updates should be more regular now. My work hours a bit more ‘normal’. I want to get into ‘steady progress mode’. But I’ll have to recover from this dang flue first.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who checked in on me and continued to check in on me… it means the world to me that you would continue to do so. I love you guys!!


  1. Shawn, you can do anything you want to misses. You'll be fine, and you could still be on course for those predictions I made around January.

    You're doing fantastically well, you should still feel proud, and don't let anything get in your way. You're a fighter and a strong willed woman, and it will all come good for you, that's a fact.

    Best wishes, keep smiling, hold your head up, and know you are an amazing person, you are very appreciated, and we are all here for you.

    GOOD LUCK!!! I predict a great future for you, and I'm very proud and honoured to support someone like you. You're an inspiration, so thanks, and don't stop loving yourself for one day, because you deserve it.

    Get well soon.


  2. I'm so glad you're back! And thrilled for you that you're back to just the one job. I hope you were getting two salaries for doing two jobs!

    Hope you're feeling better, too. UGH. What is it about plans to go back to the gym that makes us sick? I woke up yesterday with my sinuses completely blocked and my throat raw and red.

    Glad you're back (did I say that already? LOL)


  3. Well I am glad that you were just busy and not avoiding us! HA! Well I know what it is like to be sick and not be able to work out...frustrating huh? I got a really great Yoga tape at Walmart for $10 and I keep it at home so I have no excuse when I can't get to the gym...but not if you are sick. All the snot would run into your brain in downward dog! Good luck.

  4. It was good to see you posting again! 50 hour weeks? Wow, that's just insane! I hope you continue to do well. I've been wondering how you've been. Take care of yourself!


  5. Wow! You have been one busy woman. I'm glad you only have the one job to worry about now because having to do 50 hours must have felt insane!

    Hope you feel better soon. Your body probably just crashed on you after being so dang busy! I bet you'll be back in the gym in no time!

  6. I swear sometimes our bodies know just how much we can handle and as soon as we think the stress is over . . BAM, the adreline wears off and we get sick. Congrats though on eating clean that whole time you couldn't work out - that's fantastic!!! I hope you feel better soon!


  7. Hey,

    I just wanted to let you know that I changed the URL of my blog:

  8. Hope you're feeling better now and glad to hear that your load has lightened up!

  9. HI there Girl! Good to see you finally made it back to here :) I was gonna come Email you again & BUG you! tee hee .. I liked chattin with you on Messenger say hi again if you have a sec ( I know --work-it really has been INSANE) sorry that the end result was you getting sick - that's no fun! hope you're all better & back at it the way you want to soon!

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Take care of yourself.