Monday, January 29, 2007

Feelin' Good

Feeling Really Really good today, for a variety of reasons.

1) the sun was shining today for a little while and I actually went outside in a short sleaved shirt for the first time in over a month... mmm a little ray of sunshine goes a long way to uplift your mood.

2) I got the the gym in the MORNING! I never thought I would say this but MAN it's nice to get up at 4:00AM lol! I've certainly learned that starting my day with a workout does wonders for my overall well being.

3) TWO compliments in three days.

Saturday while working out with my honey, I noticed this man using the bench next to us was watching and by his body language WANTED us to notice. I thought maybe he wanted one of us to 'spot' him and after my experiance on Tuesday I wan't about to leave a fellow lifter 'hanging'. So I turned toward him and smiled giving him an opening to ask. He suprised me though and instead of asking for help, he said, "I used to come in here in the mornings and I saw you two here." I nodded and opened my mouth to explain why we had been missing all week, when he went ahead, "You two have made a LOT of progress. You look GREAT! You make a great team, keep up the good work." I think my smile got bigger with every comment and I acknowledged with a 'thank you' every time. I think that's the first time at the gym that someone's asknowledged my progress to my face and certainly they've said something to me about my husbands (which I'm proud of as well). Let me tell you it put a LOT of UMPH into the rest of our workout having heard that.

Then today I went to visit a client that I haven't seen in MONTHS... Pretty much since before the wedding in September. While I know I've made some progress since then I don't feel it was as much as the progress they SAW me making before I left for my honeymoon. Either I've changed more since then then I remember, or they were remembering how I looked when we started the project (back last January) because three of the people I met with were nearly open mouthed when they saw me. One gentleman (who is not what I would call an outspoken indivitual) leaned over to me when our meeting was over and whispered... Have you lost weight? I happily told him yes. They other two were much more vocal about it, exclaiming how good I looked. It was a nice shot in the arm to hear from people who don't know I've actually been working to notice the changes.

So that's about it - plugging along here looking forward to getting into new and exciting territory. While January got off to a rough start I'm expecting all kinds of amazing things in Febuary :)

I was looking in the mirror today and trying to figure out what I'm going to look like with 10 more lbs gone... that kind of visual doesn't come easily for me but I do know it's going to be exciting to see!


  1. Hay misses, you deserve all the plaudits. You worked so hard last year to get where you are now. It wasn't always easy, and you did occasioally give in to old behaviour patterns.

    YES you should be proud of yourself.

    YES you have a right to feel fantastic.

    YES you can make it to the end of your journey, and be what you want to be.

    You and I both know it, and don't you ever think any less of yourself than you should. You're a bit special, and you proved you are a woman of the people, a human success story, and a real gem in every way.

    GOOD LUCK to you, because you deserve what you have in life now, and deserve to feel 10 times better than you ever did before.

    It's only taken 38 years, but you've finally gotten into that satisfaction zone, and you've earned every comment, smile, and feel good moment, so live it, love it, and keep believing in your own abilites.

    You're amazing, and I ALWAYS feel a lot of pride for you.

    You inspire me, and I should be thanking you for that, so THANK YOU. People like you mean something to me, and that's the truth.

    Peter's married to a fabulous woman, and all the best to both of you.


    :-) :-).


  2. I'm proud of you and excited for you! Great job!

  3. Ya YAY YOU Shawn! very cool to hear from others how amazing you've done!

  4. Awwwww, that's awesome! I love those good karma days!! :)