Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Sunday

traditionally Sunday is the eve of a new week. It's no different for me. The mindset I gain tonight can and will usually effect my entire week. So I'm trying to use this night to set some solid plans for what my week's workouts will be.

As I said before (I think). The group workouts won't start until November so I have a little time to try to build up a little endurance, work through the worse of the soreness and genearlly ge a headstart on the training.

My biggest worry is the running so I'm going to focus this week on building up a little endurance there. Not to say I'm not going to work a little on all three sports but I know running is my weekness. So, this week I'm going to go for a brist walk for at least 30 minutes each day.

According to the information I got from TNT; Monday is traditionally a rest day but I'm going to make sure to get a 30 minute walk in and one 20 minute yoga session with the idea of warming up my muscles and stretching out long unused muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Tuesday is supposed to be a swim day, so on top of my thirty minute walk I plan to do a 20 minute easy swim and 20 minutes yoga with the focus on hips.

Wednesday is running and strength training. My plan is to incorporate jogging into my 30 minute walk this day. I need to go against my own nature and really roll into this process slow if I want to make it to the finish line. Add to that another yoga session with an upper body focus to stretch out some of the swimming kinks.

Thursday is another Swim day, so I’ll swim for 20 walk for 30 and do a little yoga too. It’s also the day I leave for Southern California to go to the Breeder’s cup with my daughter so I’ll have to get up and get my training out of the way early.

Friday is supposed to be biking, but I’ll be in LA so I’m just going to make sure to get a brisk walk in sometime during the day. We’ll be on the infield for the races, standing most of the day so I’m not that worried about exercise that day J

Saturday is supposed to be a swim and a run. We’ll still be in LA so my plan is to just make sure I get a 30 minute walk in and a yoga session (I’ll have to remember to bring my ipod to LA with me).

Sunday is when we come back from LA – I think a 30 minute walk is going to be the limit of what I’ll get that day. Hopefully by then I’ll have the chain fixed on my bike so I can start riding again L

And that’s the plan for the upcoming week!

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