Monday, October 27, 2008


well last week started out bad, got worse and ended terrible (fitness wise). but, that week is over and this is a whole new one.

Vacation is over and done with, so that helps. I altered my workout plan based on my schedule and so far it's worked out really well.

I moved my 'normal' tuesday workout to Monday since I have choir on Tuesday nights and that made squeezing in a workout hard. Plus my husband bowls on Mondays so I needed something to keep me busy. So, tonight after dropping him off at the bowling alley, I headed for the gym. I had planne on continueing my build to running by fast walking foe 30 minutes, then swimming, and then doing 20 minnutes of yoga to top it off.

The walk went great. I went 1.6 miles in the 30 minutes and burned a few calories in the process. I'm finding as is usually the case when I start back with cardio training, that it's not my cardio system that kimits me the first few times out. this time it was my shins! it'll take a few weeks of this foe them to get used to the work. tonight I kept having to slow down because it felt like they were cramping :(

Then I changed and hit the pool. it felt good to be out there. After I warmed up I did 100 meter 'sprints'. (and one 150m). the best time I got was 1min 19 second. soooo slow! but it'll get better :). I did a total of 500 meters plus a 50m warmup and cool down. I struggled just a little on finding the right pace for my breathing. i'm not worried though, the swimming is the least of my concerns.

after the swim I changed and went to find a spot to do my yoga. turns out the gym has a kickboxing class on Mondays so that dodn't workout so well. I did a little strtching in the hall, but foud the gym 'yoga matts' to be way too slick to actuallly do yoga on. next monday I'll have to plan a little differently and bring my own matt.

otherwise it was a great workout and I'm really proud of myself for getting it done!

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