Saturday, August 1, 2015

I have good news!  That burst of motivation I got earlier this week... It stuck!

I've lost 5.3 pounds this week and that's not all. I've kept to my food plan including a free day where I ate whatever I wanted (which surprisingly wasn't much) then today I got right back on track without a single twinge of the feast beast. 

I also did three running workouts - the first three days of my couch to 10k program AND I did a (short) bike ride today. It felt so good to be pleasantly physically tired today!  What was funny is that I feel like one lost 10 pounds today. Maybe not physically but certainly mentally. That voice that's been telling me 'you can't do this' is quite and I feel fast, strong and able to do anything in this moment. 

And these berries I'm eating for dessert are yummy!! And feel fantastic in my body!

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