Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last week the plan was just to write everything I ate.  I did that and it was a strange experience.  After years and years of logging to discover how many calories and/or micronutrients I was eating to not have that immediate feedback that I was being 'good' or 'bad' was scary at first - then it became liberating.

The best part was that even though I wasn't eating 'for the scale' I still managed to drop 3 lbs last week! I'll take that.

I don't expect that to continue necessarily, and my coach says that as we work through this I may only drop .5 to 1 lbs a week moving forward.  That causes me a little anxiety, but honestly I've tried the extreme weight-loss before and it's never worked for me, so let's give this slow and steady thing a try.

This week my goal is to each protein, fat and fiber (only) through lunch (around noon - though I often eat lunch late).  I had already mastered a low carb breakfast so we were able to up my goal to low carb lunch.  Yesterday was the first day of that, and today, day two and so far so good.

The only issue I have is not getting down on myself for not being 100% 'good' and super strict the whole day -- but as I said before, I've done that in the past, it never lasts.  So why keep trying to do the same exact thing and expect different results!?

So, I'm practicing patients and trying to do better listening to my body.

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