Saturday, September 5, 2015

Re: drinking with friends - this is something I need to figure out.  I have a few groups of friends and all of them, when we hang out, it involves food and/or alcohol.  The food is pretty easy because I normally bring something over and can make sure that there’s something I love there (though passing up sweets is sometimes a struggle - if there’s more than one I want to taste them all) But, since I don’t drink soda anymore I’ve found it much harder to pass on alcohol. - not to mention I actually love the taste of booze :D  My plan for the next party (which is Sunday) is to take some bubbly water with me so I have something to sip on and hold in my hand.  Maybe the next bar outing I can try sparkling water too (they almost always have it there).  But - I have to admit that it feels a little like deprivation.  

BUT - while sitting here thinking about it.  Hauling around this body is also depriving me - so which is more painful? The $30,000 question that is.

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