Monday, September 15, 2008

Shawn's Progress this week on traineo

How's Shawn getting on?

Below is the summary of Shawn's progress this week on traineo. Remember its your job to help her reach his goals by reviewing her progress and keeping her motivated to reach her goal.

Take a good look at her graphs and figures - especially the number of times she's logged in and her last logged weight date. If she has posted any comments on her progress be sure to read them carefully and try to address the areas where you feel she needs support from you.
Starting Weight:232 lb
Goal Weight:130 lb
Weight Lost to Date4 lb
Last logged Weight11th September
Sessions logged this week3
98 lb to go
Training Graph
Ave. Daily Calories Burnt: 1,293
Diet Graph
Ave. Daily Calories: 1,350
Weight Change
Latest Comments
Weight graph
Weekly Weight Change: 2 lb
Shawn has not entered a comment this week.

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  1. Hi Shawn, Pamela here.. Just crawled ( crawling? ) back out from under my rock.. Nice to see someone else coming back as well .. somehow that is so much more inspiring than all those out in "Ra ra land" loved the post about the feast beast.. Nice victory :)

  2. thanks! and it's good to see others starting to crawl back onto the road and start walking the fitness journey - welcome back!