Friday, January 2, 2009

Fitness Gadget Geek

I have to say, hubby did excellent with Christmas this year.  

As I mentioned earlier, I got an 'early' present of a nike+ and that was nice in and of itself.  I also got a brand new bright purple nano to go with it.  AND a Garman Forerunner 405!!!

The past two days I've given both of them a workout.. and I'm in Geek Girl heaven!

the nike+ is excellent for what I want it for.  As I'm listening to my ipod a nice ladies voice comes on and tells me how long I've been going and/or how long I've got left.  No more checking the watch every 2 minutes to see 'is it over yet?'.  It can also do other things like tell me my pace, track my miles and the like, but I've not used them yet, and I might not ever... because of my 'other' new toy.  The Garman.

The only fault I have with the Forerunner right now is that it's a bit bulky for my small wrists and frankly I've found the bezel interface very 'non-intuitive'.  But a little time 'fiddling' and I got it worked out.  But, oh the things I can do with this wonderful device.   I mean I expected that it could tell me how long and how far I had ran.  and it does that really well.  It finds satellites really quickly and doesn't seem to have any trouble staying fixed on them.  But that's not the best part, or the part that has me almost giddy with excitement.  It's the programmed 'workout' feature that I'm now in love with.  

As I've been working to get my fitness levels up, I've been doing a lot of interval work.  As you might guess that means a lot of 'watch checking' time.  I dislike watch checking.  Well I don't have to do that anymore.  In the Garman software I was able to program my workout like this. 

5 minutes @ a walk (warm up)

Repeat the following 3 times

3 minutes Slow Jog
2 minutes Fast Walk

5 minutes @ slow walk (cool down)

I then put the workout on the calendar for today and that was it.

Then, when I went out to run I simply selected 'today's workout' and everything was all set up for me.  

I just followed the prompts, and the 'beeps' When it came time to change my pace the watch would count down for five seconds with beeps and then flash what my pace should be on the face.  
When I came home it got even better!  When I uploaded my workout I found out the garmen and tracked the workout as a whole, but also tracked each 'interval' I had programed in separately (as laps).  That meant I could see my overall pace, but could also tell what my pace had been during just my 'run' intervals, or just my 'walk' intervals.  I could also tell what my workout/time and distance was excluding my warmup and cool down.  

Other features that I haven't tried yet but that look excellent are the auto lap feature and the auto pause.  Track night with the team I will be giving both of these a try.  the Auto Lap feature I've set to create a lap when I pass the same point again.  and the Auto Pause I've set to turn on when I stop moving.  That means when we do or normal workout of one lap running and then a set of strength exercises - I'm hoping that the watch will take care of itself without me having to do a bunch of button pushing.  We'll see.

Oh yeah!  I also took my bike out for the first time on the streets.  up 'til now it's been so cold and/or dark that I've been using it on the spinner instead.  but yesterday I got it out on the roads.  I am still so in love with this thing.  It's wonderful to ride - practically effortless.

Tomorrow is my first ever Brick workout.  It's going to be interesting to say the least.

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