Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's my Birthday!

That's right - the big day has arrived - I am now offically 40.

As you know, I had two major goals with my birthday. One was to fianlly completel triathlon, and the other was to do something outside myself. Give something of myself to others. I found a way to do both. In March I will be doing the Lavaman triathlon in Hawaii - for myself and to raise money for the Lukemia Lymphomia Society.

And because of this I would like to ask you all for a very special birthday present. I would like to raise $2000 before the end of January. And you can help. You see, this email is going out to almost 200 friends and family. If each person donates just $10 (That's one day's lunch here in San Francisco) we could easily get to that $2000 mark. That's not to say that you need to donate $10 - any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Those who have already donated so generously - Thank you!

I Hope everyone has a Happy New Year


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