Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Training's in full swing again

Today I had to make a big decision. Do I take a chance and 'recommit' to doing this triathlon and to raising $5000 before March 27th? Or do I bail out? Having raised less then $500 in the past two months it's been a little daunting to think about $4500 more, and the training... well it's time consuming. It takes a lot away from my family. So what to do? After thinking about it, praying about it and talking it over with my family I decided to step out on faith. I signed and faxed the recommitment paperwork today. I'm in... And I swam 1.1 miles tonight ;) If you want to help me reach my goal, as well as help fine a cure for blood cancers - please make a donation at: pages.teamintraining.org/sf/lavatri09/smuellerboddy or just cheer me on here...

Had a good LONG swim tonight it was also good-n-long.  Felt GREAT.  My times were pretty good for a 1850 Yard swim.  Time:  43:36  I've still got a LONG way to go before I feel I'm 'ready' for the 'big swim' but I know I could do it.  I know I'm only going to get better and faster over time.  One thing I noticed is that stroke count goes way up when I try to speed up.  That must mean that my strokes are less efficient- So I'm going to have to focus on keeping good form even while going faster.  All in time.  My best lap (50 Yards) was 1:09 -- I'm going to start tracking that and see how that improves.


  1. Recommitment is a really hard decision Shawn, especially when raising big bucks. But now you have made that decision, and so find a way to make it work. Have your mentor help you - they should have lots of ideas. Congratulations. I believe you will be successful and have a fantastic experience. Art

  2. That is not a bad time at all. I am suffering through my swims right now myself. I really need to do a straight 1500 to see where I am at.