Saturday, January 3, 2009

O... M... G...

I have no legs anymore - I refuse to acknowledge them as a part of my body.  They have been disowned.

I now know the pain and suffering that is a BRICK workout.  And coach decided to teach us and teach us good.  Because we got to do 'sets' of BRICKS.  What do I mean?

Bike, then Run, then Bike, then Run, lather rinse repeat...

One good thing about it is it gives me an idea what the Escape from the Rock Tri is going to be like.  It's a weird one that makes you Swim, Run, Bike, Run.  I know what my training days are going to look like for that one.  gah!

The Garmen did it's thing perfectly and it was fantastic to not have to worry about remembering where I turned around each time etc.  It even paused itself while I was in 'transition' between bike and run.  Sweet!

Now I'm going to go die :)

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