Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new day

I'm done feeling sorry for myself.  Time to move on and focus on the training - which is what I've wanted to do all along :)

Did a two mile run last night, pushing to get just a little faster by doing some intervals for the last half.  Honestly though I'm more worried about endurance then speed.  The 4.5 miles I've done during training is the logest I've ever run and the though of running 6 is still very overwhelming.  I'm just going to focus on keeping my feet moving :)

Tonight's a bike ride followed by a run.  An unusual mid week brick - but nothing too strenuous.  Two weeks 'til we leave for HI!! woo hoo!


  1. There you go!!! I think you know that the money spent, while stressful now, will be in the past soon enough. But the memories of what you accomplishing this year, your 40th, will be incredible and permanent. When you are 95 sitting in that rocking chair thinking about your life, you won't remember about the loan but you will remember the time you did your first triathlon - in Hawaii of all places. You will say to your great grand child "Let me tell you about the time your great grandma did a triathlon...." And you will have pictures to prove it. I say Go Shawn go!!!!!!