Monday, March 2, 2009

Mark the Date! - March 5th!

I just wanted to let everyone know - that if you're in the San Francisco Bay area (or even if you aren't) - your invited to the Party at the Mint in San Francisco this Thursday- March 5th!  We're starting at 5:30 and we'll 'officially' go until 8:00PM.  There will be a karaoke contest for those who wish to participate.  Or you can just hang out and support a good cause.

Also - I'm selling Raffle tickets for all the prizes I've been announcing below.  $5 each or 5 for $20.  If you want to be entered into the raffle, but won't see in me in person before the event - let me know and I'll give you your tickets 'virtually'!

Last, but not least, you're always welcome to make a donation via credit card at my fundraising site -

I still need $3500 to meet my fundraising minimum - so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated!

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