Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny where inpiration can come from

It started on Saturday... This realization that so much of what I'm going through, struggling withm is just a mindset. Yes, I know that's what most of the books out there already say, but for some reason, at that moment I had what felt like a 'ahha' moment. I realize that the negative thinkig I had been was this 'beast'. A beast that seemed to be feeding on itself. That as long as I continued to think of myself as hopeless and struggling and a failure... That's how I would feel... What I would be. But if that was true, then so would the opposite be true. I had to stop being realistic. Stop seeing myself as fat and out of shape. I had to start out each day believing I was the best qnd worthy of praise and attention -- from myself. And yes, I know I've read all this before, and no I have no idea why this thought with all emotion behind it chose to bloom in my brain when it did, but I'm glad it did. Better yet, later in the day I had a secod dose of insiration. We went to watch a wrestling match. Yes, it was corney, yes it was fake and made me laugh several times, but... It also made me wish I could be standing there in the best shape of my life... Rubbing shoulders with people who would appreciate the work I had put into my shoulder caps :). I made me want to go lift I did this morning...and I loved it. I need to go more places like that

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  1. I am not a wresting fan either, but those people really have nice bodies!