Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh what a day!

I made some changes to my bike today.  Not sure how smart that was considering we're shipping them to Hawaii tomorrow and I won't see it or ride it again until the day before we race.

One change -- well I didn't have much of choice.

We had a team ride today and so last night I started checking my bike and noticed the back tire was flat.  Ok - no problem.  I started changing the tire and as I was taught, checked the tire for debris before putting the new tube in.  What I found wan't good.  It looked like some of the metal of the tire was showing little particles of steal were poking out... ahhhhh new tire!  There was no way to get a new tire before our team ride so other plans were made.  Those included getting up this morning - loading our bikes on the back of the FJ and heading to the bike store.  The plan was, once we got a new tire for me, we would do my training ride together (hubby and I).   Fine, no problem, until...

As I'm driving along, I hear a light 'thump' on the back of the FJ.  I knew 'something had fallen'.  I just knew it.  I check the side view mirror and see a bike tire rolling down the median.  CRAP!!  Hubby had put my empty rim back on the back of my bike, but hadn't looked the chain around, and hadn't (apparently) tightened it enough! After pulling over, exchanged info with the woman who had been behind us (and gotten her car scratched) we headed back to the bike shop, but this time needing an entire bike wheel assembly -- and I was supposed to be shipping my bike to HI tomorrow!

Luckily the bike shop had everything I needed, new rim, gear assembly etc.  They were really great, helping me make sure everything fit, and even assembling it for me putting on the tube and tire etc.  Of course while I'm there waiting for my wheel to be fixed I start browsing.  Ooooo handlebar tape.  I need new tape cause I totally screwed up the stuff on my bike by falling a few times.  I found some snazzy red and black stuff that made me happy just looking at it.

And -- areobars -- I've wanted them since I got a road bike! And even more after the long ride last week. So, I got a pair.

I know - changes like this right before a race - not always a great idea, but I did run around the neighborhood and my trainer with the new gear and mmmm I liked my bike before, but I luuuuve it now! :)

Look out Hawaii Here I come!

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