Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here you go... glimps #2

It's not finished yet but here's a second look at my wedding dress...

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  1. You look awesome Shawn, and despite losing a big chunk of bulk already, I think that dress is very slimming.

    I know you'll have a wonderful day, so keep smiling, and believing in the future. The sun is going to shine on you like you deserve :-).


  2. Wow that looks great on you!! Hubba Hubba!!

  3. Shawn, wanted to tell you how very beautiful you are in your gown. Wish I could be there to see the real thing. Also, it's amazing how much your face has changed. It has slimmed down, I just love your jawline.
    Your previous post about posing with your honey and seeing those muscles is awesome! Hurray for you!!

  4. LOVe the post about you & your Man posing together..that is sooo sweet ..( ok I'm weird too I guess! :P)
    & I ADORE your dress.. WOW what a TINY waist there Darlin! You are goin to be an AMAZING Bride... can't wait to see the whole day!

  5. PS...has anyone told you recently how VERY much you look like Annie Lenox?? especially the stunning eyes in your close up pics!

  6. actually I had a co-worker just the other day say I looked like annie (especially with my sunglasses on) which is cool with me since I have a secret desire to be a bad-ass rocker chick ;)

  7. OMG you look frickin' stunning! I can't believe how fast you're dropping the weight!

    Way to go girl!!! You're my idol!