Monday, August 14, 2006

Longer Update

Whew, I lot to catch up on!

Let’s see… Wednesday I didn’t hit the gym for a second time, I was just feeling too lousy. I went home and went to bed and didn’t get up again until 1:00PM the next day! Apparently that rest was what I needed though because my cold has been on the mend ever since.

I didn’t hit the gym Friday morning either so by the time I got home from work, I was practically bouncing off the walls! I changed, put podrunner on the ol’ ipod and headed into the great big world to run. And run I did! With a prodrunner set that was keeping 130 beats per minute I found I had no problem at all keeping a ‘quick’ but steady pace. I ran for an hour and managed about 5.4 miles! And that included two five minute walk breaks. For me that’s an OUTSTANDING pace and to keep it up for an hour…I’m really excited.

Saturday night was my bachelorette party and I fully enjoyed myself. I think the two hours I spent out on the dance floor had a lot to do with the fact that my weight barely spiked at all afterwards.

Sunday it was back to the gym and I ended up having to combine chest and back because I had missed those few days. Not my favorite way to workout but a girl does what she must ;)


Incline Press: 110 x 7 x 4
Dumbbell Press: 50 x 7 x 4
Barbell Press: 135 x 7 x 4


Cable Row: 110 x 7 x 4
Bent Row: 105 x 7 x 4
Lat Pulldown: 110 x 7 x 4
Shrugs: 180 x 7 x 4

Needless to say, I was whipped after that.

This morning we were up at 4:00AM and at the gym for arm/abs - some days I surprise myself.. lol

Dumbbell Curl: 35 x 7, 35 x 7, 35 x 6 (lots of ‘help’ from the fiancé here…I can do about five reps at 35 on my own and then he has to help me)
Barbell Curl: 60 x 7, 60 x 7, 60 x 6
Curl Bar Cable Curl: 85 x 7, 85 x 7, 90 x 6

Dumbbell Wrist Curls: 40 x 7, 40 x 7, 40 x 6

Ab crunch Machine: 125 x 7, 125 x 7, 130 x 6
Cable Crunches: 110 x 7, 110 x 7, 115 x 6

Then I went and walked at 4 MPH with 1 minute intervals from incline level 0 to 15 and back down again.

I’ve got a bike ride planned tonight so I’m staying busy! :)

On the plus plus side… I weighted in at 178 this morning! That’s 29.7 pounds gone. I wore size 12 JEANS all night on Saturday with NO muffin top and my cold is on it’s last leg. Two week until we leave for England… and I think I may just be at my lowest weight in 18 years when we tie the knot.

Oh and the final fitting on my wedding dress is tomorrow! I can not WAIT to see how it looks!

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