Thursday, August 17, 2006

Killer Leg Workout

I walked out of the gym last night feeling totally pumped! Let me show you why ;)

I’m currently in week 11 of a 12 week periodization program. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s a heavy heavy week and frankly some of the weights that were in the program were kind of scaring me. Well, last night was legs and even though I approached my workout with a slight case of the nerves…I BLEW all my Personal Best numbers OUT OF THE WATER!!

Squats: 220 x 7 / 220 x 7 / 230 x 6
(here is where it got REALLY freeky)
Leg Press: 585 x 7 / 585 x 7 / 615 x 6

Yes, that’s right I did 615 on the leg press and walked away!

Seated Leg Curls: 145 x 7 / 145 x 7 / 180 x 6
Straight Legged Dead Lift: 170 x 7 / 170 x 7 / 180 x 4

I could have done more at 180 but my grip gave out… I even set the bar down and tried to go back to it and could only do one more before my hands went.. no way! Bah!

Still I was beyond excited about the numbers I was able to move. Chest day should be interesting as well!

Going to do back tonight :)


  1. I will be back to root you on. Good luck on the loss. I am on my way too. Keep the blog going. Sometimes having to blog this makes you motivated to finish. YOU GO GIRL


  2. I want to comment, but I can't think of anything complimentary to say, that won't take up 50 paragraphs ;-) ;-).


  3. Oh I just thought of something.

    WELL DONE ;-) ;-) ;-) :-p.


  4. Shawn, you're killing me here! lol. You're doing such a fantastic job! Keep up the great work! And I love the dress!

  5. Holy workout batman! That's amazing! I'm surprised you could actually WALK out after that workout!

    You are amazing!!!

    Love the dress, by the way.

  7. HOLY CRAP! The leg press must shudder every time it sees you coming! LOL! Way to go!

    You look beautiful in your dress!

  8. Wow You Sound Really Cool [And Hott Hehe.]

    Im A Randomer Lol And Yeh.

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    msg me if you want lol