Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Hump Day!

This week is going well - I committed over the weekend not to miss a single workout and so far this week I haven't. I went back (as I committed to) and did a 30 minute bike ride on Monday. Tuesday it was shoulders and Calves...

Seated Calf Raises: 180 x 7 x 4
Standing Calf Raises: 235 x 7 x 4

Barbell shoulder press: 110 x 7 x 4
Lat Raise Machine: 70 x 7 x 4
Reverse Pec Deck: 70 x 7 x 4

Then I went and swam for 20 minutes. I have to say... I've always been a proponent of having the right equipment but somehow always have to learn the hard way myself :) Last night I tried out my new swimsuit, goggles and nose plugs. Oh MY what a difference! The nose plugs were the best part - I wish I had started wearing them earlier - I could swim so much better when I wasn't fighting water up my nose constantly and aftewords I didn't feel like someone had packed my head with marbles...

Anyway - today we did legs

Squats: 200 x 7 x 4
Leg Press: 520 x 7 x 4
Leg Curls: 145 x 7 x 4
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts: 160 x 7 x 4

And finished up with 30 minutes on the treaddy doing hills

Tonight I'll run

Eats have been super clean - if I could just get rid of this cold I would be GREAT!


  1. Sounds like things are still going great! Summer colds are YUCK tho! get better soon!

  2. Hope you get over your cold soon Shawn. Keep up the hard work, you are doing fantastically well misses.

    :-) :-) :-).