Monday, August 14, 2006

Why my guy is the greatest....

almost forgot this part....

(most of you know the 'begining of the story already - but I'm including it just in case)

When I fist started 'seriously' lifting my fiance was a little...worried. He (as most people in the world) had no idea what weight lifting would do to a woman's body and even as a 'beginer' I was lifting pretty heavy weights. While I didn't let his concerns STOP me it did mean he had some trouble all out supporting me. We had discussions about what my goals were and how my lifting weights was NOT going to turn me into Chyna of WWF fame. He still struggled... then one day while at the Scotish Highland games we ran into world champion Shannon Hartnett. She was STRONG... and muscular. But seeing her in person and getting a glimps of just how beautiful a strong muscular woman is changed him.. forever.

How much? Well yesterday after working out we got into one of our 'posing' contests. Yes we are a REALLY wierd couple ;) what happens is usually he flexes a bicep... which means I have to answer with a double bi... and it just goes up from there. Well in the spirit of one upmanship I stripped off my tank and flexed my back. Jokingly he poked me in the lat and then went.. holy cow! That's muscle! I thought that was fat! Look at that! When I told him it was a little hard to see my own back my sweet loving man ran to the bedroom, pulled the mirror off the door and drug me in the bathroom so he could hold the mirror up for me and let me see my back! Then he shoves the mirror in my face and says... now do the 'hulk'. (You know slightly hunched over with fists down and pointed toward each other...) I did and he pointed at my chest... do you see that? Look, your chest lifts, see the line? And he was right... when I flex I can now see a line between my pecs! Not only was I seriously thrilled at the changes I was seeing but I couldn't help but revel in the fact that I was getting to share them with the person I love the most.

What a great life this is!

(PS - I later held the mirror for him so he could see the lats HE'S getting)


  1. The hulk ha ha ha. Sounds like that old BB standard the Crab, that some used to used in contests. I've seen pictures of Bev Francis doing it, though it was never a well used move I don't think, I don't even think it was compulsary.

    You are rocking though, and time flies. I can't believe it's only two weeks. It seems like about 3-4 weeks back you were saying 13, until the big day.

    Of course I'm impressed, inspired call it what you will, but I made some predicitions around Christmas, and I think you are either on track, or out performing them.

    You certainly get my vote, for the greatest partially Anglo, German, American in the world.

    I still want to see a contest results sheet with your name on it though, before you're 40, just because it would be the crowning glory, to take all those years of sacrifice, to the ultimate level.

    You would definitely be a sensation. It's really good to see the changes in you, I think you've also gained a little more deifnition around the face too :-).

    You'll be buzzing soon probably, about having Cheekbones ;-) ;-).

    Seriously though, I'm incredibly happy for you, and incredibly proud to put some spare time into your cause, because you're an inspiration, and you are just a unique and incredible one off, the like of which I would probably never come across again.

    I'm sending you some BIG HUGS, and lots of luck and best wishes for your final two weeks.

    I know you're going to be blissfully happy with Peter, and he's found himself a real sparkling diamond, so don't forget your own true value to everyone who knows you.

    You are a superstar, and you deserve to feel amazing, and proud for all you've achieved.

    Just don't forget us, when you get rich off the weight loss books, you'll probably write.

    You blog so well, you'd be a literary natural ;-).

    All the best.

    :-) :-) :-).


  2. That is cool. Congrats on the lats and the great guy.