Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Why my clothes don't fit

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Well I finally drug the ol' tape measure out of the closet today just to 'see'.

I mean - it was obvious to me that I've been losing inches. Most of my clothes don't fit anymore, but for someone like me "my pants are loose" doesn't mean as much as the NUMBERS... and the results?

My "best guestimate" of my body fat Start: 51% Now: 41%

Chest (Directly beneith my arms): Start 41 Now: 38.75

Bicep: Was: 13 Now 12 (though it's 13 when I flex.. whoop!)

Forearm: Was: 11.25, Now: 10.5

Waist (are you ready for this?): Was: 39.5 Now............. 35 Yes you are seeing that right. I've dropped 4.5 inches from my waist... ya think my pants arn't fitting?

Hips (again, are you ready??): Was: 49.25 Now................45 Now if that isn't a testimate to the fact that I lose weight all over? 4.25" off the ol hips. Again with the pants falling off thing.

Thigh: Was: 27 Now 25 ... I'll take 2" off the old thigh

Calf - Was 15.75 Now 15.5


  1. Shawn you are amazing. I want to say more, but I just think right now amazing says it all.

    :-) :-) :-).


  2. Great job Shawn!! Why I remember when you kept trying to break a plateau around the New Year and you didn't just break it you smashed right damn through it!! You look fabulous and the numbers just confirm it!!

  3. Holy smokes! Those are some serious changes!!

    RIGHT ON!!

  4. That is awesome! You have similar goals as I do. I want to lose weight to be fit enough to enjoy my wedding pictures and following honeymoon. I'm trying to lose 60 pounds in a year, which I think is MORE than doable.