Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Comfort Drinking?...

And no, probably not the kind you're thinking.

I've always known I was a comfort eater, but today I confirmed a suspition of mine that I also sometimes turn to drinks for comfort as well.  You see, I've been a diet pepsi addict for years now.  Years and YEARS now.  It's not uncommon for me to drink 4 or more liters in a day.  For the past two weeks though I've been working on scaling back and the first step in scaling back was to stop drinking diet Pepsi after 7:00 PM.  'til now I haven't thought much about it.  My little alarm/reminder goes off at 7:00 saying "No more Pepsi"  and I don't have any.  BUT today, I've had a really stressful eavening.  Missed my train home, my husband came and got me, found out my only car need $4800 in repairs or the transmission might quit and then it'll need $8000 in repairs, and got majorly overcharged for the rental that I had while the car was getting looked over and an estimate worked up.  When I got home I was tired, hungry and very very cranky (not to mentioned stressed).  I've given myself 'no-choice' to comfort myself with food.  If it wasn't in the plan last night, it doesn't go into my mouth, and since that avenue was denied me I have found myself SEVERAL times tonight opening the fridge and grabbing for a can.  I want that drink more then I want chocolate right now!  (PMSing too hahah)  I do know that if I'm going to make some long term changes here I'm going to have to find some better/healthier ways to deal with stress.  Here's to learning more about myself and to positive changes on the horizon.

PS - next week I'll probably roll the 'no diet pepsi' zone back to 5:00PM.  Whatever will I do then! :)

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