Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm still here, still alive, kicking and looking everyday for a way to stick with a program. 

I'm pretty much at that "begin again" stage:  Weight is 235, fitness levels in the tank.  There are a few positives though.  I've recently started a new job (yes again!) and the hours/location have lent themselves to hitting the gym early, on the way to work.  I made it to the gym three times last week!  The other interesting thing is that I ride public transit to work, and there isn't anyplace to 'eat out' nearby.  This means I have to plan my meals and pack a lunch every day.  As I've known for years, planning my food is one of the biggest facilitators to weight loss for me.  So I have this amazing triple bonus of a new job that I really like and the means and modivation to eat well and excercise.  Imagine that!

Oh!  I we have a new dog.  A dog that has to be walked every morning before we go to work.  So, I take the morning shift and today I went for my run during my 'dog walking' time.  I was getting up anyway, why not take advantage of the time?  So, today I've already run 2.75 miles, did a leg workout and had an OP (on plan) day food wise!  And it's been easy!

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