Friday, March 16, 2012

I knew once the Fat Fairy figured out where my house was she would visit a few more times.  Today the scale said 228.7 - goodbye 230's!

We've been going through a lot at our house with our decision to give up our dog.  I've been corresponding the past few days with someone who was interested in bringing him into their home and family.  Then today I get an email that says, "Hey, I can't pick up the dog myself.  I'm going to arrange for someone to pick him up for me, but that person wants $600 to transport him. I'll tell you what, I'll send you $750 to your paypal, and you can pay for my shipping through western union..."

All of a sudden there are bells going off in my head.  A crushing bitter disappointment came over me.  This wasn't someone wanting to bring our beloved pet into their home.  This was a scammer.  Someone trying to bilk me out of $600 (or more).  So, I'm dealing with anger over this guy's actions and disappointment that I still have to find a home for our dog. And... and... I haven't had a single urge to eat over any of it.  If I can keep this up, losing this weight will be easy peasy. HaHa!

However, I know there will be days harder then this.  The Feast Beast is in there, waiting for me to be a little less diligent.  Then he'll start to whisper 'cheating thoughts' into my head.  I'll be ready for him though!  I need to find me some anti-Feast Beast spray, and some treats for the Fat Fairy so she keeps showing up.

In other news... 0 Caffeine after 5:00PM this week.  I've hit my goal of (at least) 30 minutes of movement a day (though it's been all dog walking this week) and I've been hitting and surpassing my 2500 calorie burn on my body bugg every day.  I'll have all the fascinating facts on Sunday my 'offical' weigh in day.  Can't wait to see what that turns up.

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