Friday, March 9, 2012

I've been driving myself for the past two weeks.  A new job, weight lifting, training for a half iron man and putting a lot of emotion and energy into working through my food issues.  And then add the stress of our one and only car needing a new transmission right as our bank account is at it's lowest (job change ya know) and well, last night I was just so exhausted.  I zombied through making dinner, ate and though I was tired, had no desire to go to sleep.  I needed a brain break.  Some 'me' time.  So, I fired up the computer and watched bad TV until about 1:00 AM.  Strange thing is, even though I stayed up WAAAAY past my bed time, I feel rested regenerated and refreshed... Funny how something as simple as watching a little TV can change how I feel physically.

In other news, I'm still waiting for a visit from the fat fairy.  I know she's going to show up some night soon and take a chunk of fat with her.  

And my food is supposed to be here on Tuesday - *hoping*hoping*hoping*

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