Tuesday, October 18, 2005

First off.. I had an epiphany...

it started like this. I logged my food for yesterday and realized that I had eaten about 2000 calories. I think yesterday was a pretty typical day for me of late. So I'm pretty safe thinking 2000 (with a generous free day) is close to maintenance for me. Then someone asked me (thanks browneyedgirl) what I ate when I lost weight before. Due to the fact that I don't throw anything away, I looked through all my old fit day records. I found two good months where I tracked my weight and entered my food intake rather consistantly. I found that I averaged 1500/day one month (August) and averaged 1.75/week loss. And 1300 another month (September) and averaged 1.32/week. (I don't really know how my workouts went during that time).

What's funny is I know for a fact that my weight loss stalled in October - guess what else changed in October? I stopped logging my food! There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this has happened EVERY TIME I stop logging. I stop losing!

Funny how stuborn I can be. I insisted that I didn't need to get up in the morning and workout. I would be just fine doing it in the evenings... and yet, my workouts were consistantly spotty. I get a gym membership - and start working out in the mornings and *poof* I have only missed one workout in two months...

Now I discover the 'truth' about food as well. I eat a LOT more then I think I do - Yeah I can maintain when I self regulate, but to cut - I need to TRACK. Do you hear me - ME? I NEED TO TRACK TO CUT! enough said.

lastly - I'm glad to FINALLY find someone who agrees with my scale habit...


there is no doubt in my mind that when I stop weighing... I gain (or at least I've gained when I bother to go back and check again)

I'm glad I could be right about ONE thing this weekend.

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