Monday, October 3, 2005

Still in allergy HELL, if it really is allergies. I just know my head is stuffed up, my eyes are watering, I’m sneezing. But it’s all in my ‘head’ so I keep working out.

Yesterday I tried to sleep in. I guess when we get up at 4:00AM during the week, 9:00AM IS sleeping in. I got up and grabbed some more meds then had a nice breakfast. Right after I ate I ended up curling up in my comfy chair with a blanket and dozing off for about an hour. It seemed to help. After my nap I got up and made ALL my lunches for this week. Goal – ACCOMPLISHED. The only bummer was that I don’t have a lot of money this week and so I couldn’t afford to go out and buy all the food needed to follow the ediets menu. So I had to make my own meals and enter them into FitDay. It’ll do.

After that I changed my clothes and went out to do my cardio. I still wasn’t feeling 100% and literally had to FORCE myself out the door. If you’re thinking I would start to feel better after getting out and walking under the beautiful autumn skies – you would be mistaken. I still felt like crap. I got to the track and started to run. The first lap was horrible. I was struggling to keep going and felt like I was having to gasp for air. By the time I finished that first lap though I had fell into a nice rhythm and was a lot more comfortable. Laps 2 and 3 were ok… I kept a steady pace and managed to keep my head up while I ran. On the last lap I was feeling it. I was trying to pick up the pace a little but felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. When I made the final turn it was like I was running through water. I tried to ‘kick’ it out the last straight away but it still felt like a bad dream where the nerves were firing but the legs weren’t moving. I finished the mile in 12:58 minutes. Just a hair under 13. I’m SLOW. Seriously, people walk faster then I run. *sigh* I finished up the other ½ mile of my workout walking around the track. Back the house I did my four, yes you read that right FOUR pushups and then showered and rested some more.

Food wise I didn’t eat too much because I wasn’t that hungry. No, seriously… Stop Laughing… are you done now? Ok – I don’t know if it was the meds or the stuffiness or what but I just wasn’t feeling like food. I ate when I was hungry but didn’t have anything ‘good’ because I just didn’t feel like eating it. Even Ice-cream and chocolate had no appeal. Weird.

Oh yeah! I drank over three liters of water and didn’t have ANY diet Pepsi. And I’m not suffering. Yay! (is there caffeine in decongestants?)

I got to bed early last night and slept rather well. It was a little bit of struggle to get up this morning. Still feeling crappy but not nearly as bad as Saturday or Sunday. Once I was up, though I was wide awake and in a relatively good mood!

By the time I hit the gym I was almost Normal (which by the way I’ve noticed twice in a row now – feeling like crap and then getting to the gym and forgetting that I’m supposed to be ‘ill’ – hmmmm) I warmed up and then started my leg workout. Today I did:

Leg Press (Single Leg): 70lbs x 15/(90lbs x 15) x 2
Leg Extension: 70lbs x 15/(70lbs x 10)x 2
Stiff Legged Dead Lift (Bb)(My all time favorite): 30lbs x 10/50lbs x 10/70lbs x 10
Lunges (Barbell) (60lbs x 10) x 3
Standing Calf Raises: 135lbs x 15/135lbs x 12
Bicep Curls: 25lbs x 5 & 15 x 7/20 x 10 & 15 x 2

I’m still sick, but feeling so good about my exercise and food plan right now. Almost (dare I say it) Charged up!

Oh – and no diet pepsi today and I’ve had 128oz of water already today. Decongestants make me feel SO dehydrated.

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