Friday, October 28, 2005

I feel like such a failure right now. I'm so dissapointed in myself! My fiance hasn't been going to the gym with me recently because he's been working an insane amount of overtime. So this morning, I shut off the alarm, rolled over and snuggled with him instead of getting up and hitting the gym. I know - it's not the end of the world but dang it - working out was the one thing I've been getting RIGHT lately. Missing is like a slap to the face. I don't want this change in my habits to be just a 'flash in the pan'. I'm scared to death that in a month or two this blog will be quiet again, and I'll be back to making excuses for why I'm not getting things done. Making excuses at 4:15 in the morning why it's OK to turn off the alarm and stay in bed just seems like the first step in that direction. It frightens me and makes me really sad.

On top of it all I let the stress get to me at work and I caved while walking past the bakery. I grabbed a choclate roll (like a cinnamon roll only filled with chocolate chips instead) for my #4 meal instead of eating the Protien shake I had planned on.

I think that's pleanty of 'slipps' for a while. time to get back on track and back on course.

Monday is a 'planned' day off from the gym. I'm going to enjoy halloween as it's the first the series of my three favorite holidays. Dressing up is not an OPTION it's a requirement.

Tuesday I'm not going to get my 'normal' workout in because I ACTUALLY signed up to meet with a trainer at my gym. I'm also supposed to get my BMR tested. I'm acutally kind of excited about that one. BUT I can't drink any diet soda all day - and I can't workout... BAH

So, I'm going to have to hit the gym this weekend so I don't shrivel up and blow away. Heh, yeah that's gunna happen.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over one missed workout. You are so not a failure -- have you seen the pictures of your guns???? Have you seen how much you bench? Geez, girl, you are doing GREAT! Do like you said you would and work out this weekend, enjoy Halloween, meet with your trainer, and then get back to kicking ass. Sometimes we just need a mental break, I think. You'll come back even stronger.


  2. I agree with are a huge success. Everytime I read about you getting up that early to do your workouts, I sit back and go WOW. Here is a woman that is a success story.

  3. Thank you both!

    Moggie - I hardly feel like a success - yet. But I'm working on getting there.