Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Yesterday ended well - except my fiance has caught this cold thing that I've been fighting. Unfortunatly he doesn't have the fortitude or constitution that I do and he's down for the count. Luckily we planned last night. I asked him "Are you going in the morning?" and made him commit to me right then. When he said no, I mentally prepared myself for having to go on my own. Honestly it was easier knowing last night then it would have been to find out at 4:00AM when I'm at my weekest.

So, the alarm went off this morning and I was up and out the door by myself. No, it wasn't as fun but I did it anyway. I got my 20 min HIIT in and then spent another 10 minutes walking. Then I did ab boot camp and my stretching. Overall considering I feel like I've been booted in the head, it was a good workout. Funny thing is, once again I found that when I got to the gym I forgot all about being sick and just did what I needed to do.

Oh - and I got over a gallon of water in yeterday and didn't have any diet pepsi. I haven't had a diet pepsi in over two days! Maybe I'll kick the habit for good this time...

Breakfast: Shake/protien pancakes
2nd Breakfast: Strawberry Protien Shake
Lunch: Steak and beans
Snack: Protien pudding
Dinner: Stir Fry Turkey
Desert: Rocotta cheese 'cake' w/fruit

Yes, I know it sounds a awful like like yesterday's menu but hey - I've don't have a lot to work with here

Besides fighting a stuffy head I kept feeling HOT all day today. Not feaver hot, but just a LOT warmer then I usually am (I'm usually a pretty cold blooded person) Then, as the afternoon wore on I noticed I was having heart palpitations. I was sitting here trying to figure out what was going on when it dawned on me to check out the sinus meds I was taking. Hello - Decongestent - Pseudoephedrine... Hot Flashes and heart palpitations the same reaction I got while taking regular ephedrine. This was a LOT less sevear but I also haven't been drinking any caffein. There goes my (very very brief) thoughts of maybe perhaps trying ephedra again now that it's back on the market. NO WAY I want to go through the scare I had before and I certainly don't want to be back in the hospital.

Guess I have to lose the weight the 'old fashioned way'

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  1. I have that same thing when I hit the gym...even if I feel rotten...as soon as I walk through the door it's like I am enfused with the energy of everyone in there.

    I have never tried the ephedra. It sounds too scary.

    Thanks for your post on my blogg about the PMMD. I am going to check out the Prevention link you included and try the Calcium and B6.

    Have a great day!!