Wednesday, October 19, 2005

yesterday was great... I even entered all my food into fitday which I have now decided is a MUST for me. No more whining about not having 'the time'. It's required. Yesterday ended up at 1800 Calories - 200 less then the day before which was my goal.

I didn't want to get up today. Finally made it out of bed at 4:30 which made me 1/2 an hour late for the gym. :dry: Luckily my routine is fluid enough to allow me to adapt. I did arms and skipped abs - I'll do them tonight.

Today's Arms:

Straight Bar Curls (total weight): 50 x 6 50 x 6
Single Arm DB Curls: 25 x 4 20 x 6
Cable Curls: 60 x 6

Cable Bent-over Tricep Extension: 50 x 6 50 x 6
Cable Pushdown: 90 x 6 90 x 6
Dumbell Kickback: 25 x 6

Today I'm going to shoot for about 1600 calories and see how it goes - Everything is looking good so far!


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