Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days - Introduction

Step One - Choose your best diet plan

Already did that - Medifast

Step Two - Do your plan for 100 days

Ok - doing that starting now

Step Three - Track your progress

I signed up for a free account at "StartYourDiet" It lets me track my goals and also put a 'sticker' on each day. When I feel I've had an 'on plan' day - one that would cause me to lose weight I put a on a green dot. When I've had a day that would cause me to maintain, a yellow dot. When I've had a day that would cause me to gain, red.

Create a vision for the future

I've done this so many times before. But I know it's a good excercise, so I'm going to do this again!

10+ Reasons Why I Want to Reach and Maintain My Goal Weight
  1. It will be easier to run - a few pounds is a few minutes per mile!
  2. I'll look good in my tri suit and in my finish line photos!
  3. Buying clothes is so much more fun when you are skinny!
  4. I'll finally be wearing proof of my abilities on my body and can start my own Personal Training Buisness
  5. Boots that fit and zip over my calf
  6. I can go back to Hawaii and/or Mexico and wear 'real' shorts
  7. Stretching and flexablity is better skinny
  8. Looking sexy for my hubby
  9. No longer feeling like the 'fat girl' everywhere I go (like yoga class)
  10. RESPECT for my knowledge about diet and excercise
  11. Pain free running!
  12. I'll not hate seeing pictures of myself
  13. Wearing any Halloween costume I want

My 'Why' (written)

Finishing a triathlon last month was an amazing point in my life. I can't even
begin to describe how great it feels to accomplish something so - big. 5 months
of training for one day of intense focus and a life time of bragging rights. And
yet, the day has a bit of a black blot on in.

I can barely stand to look at the photos of myself the day of the race. I look so awful standing there in my tri suit, or later in my bike shorts... or frankly in anything. Every photograph makes me cringe and feel a little sick to my stomach. I struggled through the 5 months of training and on race day itself 80% more then anyone else because of my weight! Hauling 240 lbs up a hill is so much harder then hauling 130. And given the fact that my heart and lungs are probably encased in a layer of fat.
It's a wonder I finished at all.

And the injuries... There's no doubt in my mind that the struggles I had with leg, ankle and foot injuries were all related to the fact that I was trying to run at 110 lbs overweight. It really is a wonder they didn't just give up on me all together!

I don't want to give up being a triathlete. I want to continue to race, to be a solid 'middle of the pack' finisher, not just 'happy to not be last'.

But it's not just the racing. I'm tired of many other things. tired of clothes not fitting, of not being able to wear the styles I love. I'm tired of not being able to be sexy for my hubby by wearing things like stocking and lacy underthings. I want me back! The real me that's self assured and confident!

THIS is why I'm doing the 100 Days Program and I'm sticking with my plan!

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