Friday, April 24, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

I apologize if my post before offended anyone. I wasn't trying to minimize the work everyone's putting in to lose weight, or the research that went into the plan itself.

I suppose I should put some of what I said in perspective. The last time I lost significant amounts of weight I was on a program that required 640 minutes of exercise a week (that's 1.5 hrs a day/6 days a week). Planning, adjusting, and preparing my meals took me at least an hour every day, and the results? I lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks.

On this plan, well I'm not even supposed to be doing exercise yet (even though I am, for other reasons). Food prep? Well when I got my shipment of food I dumped 5 meals into 35 ziplock bags. Every morning I reach into my 'food box' and walk out the door. At night, if I'm running late I stop in Jack in the Box and grab an Asian Chicken Salad w/Grilled Chicken (removing the oranges and you've the perfect lean and green), or I go home and throw together a lean meat and micro some frozen veggies. And I've lost that same 13 lbs, but in two weeks. Yes, MF is easy :)

That being said, I do understand that ANY weight loss is good for my body.

And then I tried looking at it from an even different perspective. A lot of my 'body role models' are what some might consider body builders. I've studied body building and body builder's diets for a long long time. When I started to think about what they REALLY do to drop the fat... :) Well a typical diet will consist of Oats, Protein Powder, eggs, Chicken and green veggies. Almost exactly what I'm eating on Medifast? Some female fitness competitors drop their calories down to the 600 Cal range to strip the Body fat before a comp, and hey they didn't impload from the effort!

I'm done. I'm done worrying, I'm done feeling guilty. I'm done with all of that. It's time to get to the business of losing weight. I'm going to be thankful for the gift this program has given me... HOPE!

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