Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stuffy head or stuffy body?

My weight has been doing some really weird bouncing around weight wise this week. I finally figured out that it was my allergy meds. I guess whatever is in them causes me to retain water. Granted, I know water isn't fat and that only effects my scale weight, but, at this point, with a race coming up on Sunday I really would like to see my scale weight as low as possible. Easier on my feet, knees, hips etc.

Luckily, the wind seems to have died down. I didn't take any meds today and have managed to be headache free. Just a little sneezing and some sniffles, but those have died down as the day has moved on.

Tomorrow's weight should really prove if they were having the effect on my weight that I thought they were.

Other then that - things are going well. Still no major battles with cravings. I'm still finding that I think about having food when I see certain things but as soon as I tell myself "no" the feeling goes away. If I could ever get as disciplined about my exercises -- whew what progress I would be making! :)

Started a new 'mental exercise' program "100 Days of weight loss". I'm going to be posting my thoughts and insights from that program here too. Starting today :)

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