Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Weigh in Day!

Time to see how I did :)

Weight this morning: 222.4! yay! That's a 3.3 pound loss for the week.

My average weight last week was: 228
My average weight this week is: 224

So, my average was down 4 pounds! that's excellent!

Exercise wasn't perfect but, I just get better every week :)

Saturday was a 10K run in 90 min
Monday: Yoga for 60 min
Tuesday: 60 min power walk at lunch including taking the stairs to the Coit tower. Hit the gym for 45 minutes of weight training (chest) and a 30 minute run at home with the dog.
Wednesday: 45 minutes of weight training (back)
Thursday: 30 minute walk at lunch, 45 minutes of weight training (shoulders), and 30 minute run w/the dog (in the wind! it nearly blew me over!)
Friday: 60 minutes of Yoga at lunch, and 45 minutes of weight lifting (arms)

Total for the week: 540 min!

Now - before you go telling on me to nutritional support about my exercise :)

Medifast thinks I burn 2225 calories a day without any exercise at all. Unfortunately, that's not true. The last time I had my metabolism tested I got 1750, and my body bugg says about 1850. With exercise, Medifast believes I'm burning 2600+ a day. With all that I did last week, I averaged a 2886 and that's including the HUGE day I had on Saturday when I burned almost 4000 cal! But, I do believe that I'm doing fine with my burn to cal ratio :)

Now, this next week should be interesting. Hubby and I plan to get some exercise in this weekend including a bike ride and probably some hiking. I would like to get one more run in too. (we're done with weight lifting for the week). Monday, we'll be back in the gym. I'll be going a little lighter with the training during the week because on Sunday I'm doing another Triathlon! (yay! I'm so excited!)

Because my Tri is going to be 2+ hours of exercise, I'm going to take the advice of NS and do 4-2-1 that day (4 MF meals, 2 L&G meal and 1 Added snack (of either whole grains or a fruit). It'll be interesting to see how my body reacts to the extra food. But, honestly, I'm more interested in doing well at my tri then the 1 lb or so the extra food might cost me.

I'll be sure to post pictures!

So, weight goal for next week: 1% that's 2.2 lbs. that means

Sun: 222.1
Mon: 221.7
Tue: 221.4
Wed: 221.1
Thr: 220.8
Fri: 220.4
Sat: 220.1 - for weigh in!

Of course it would be REALLY nice to be out of the 220's next weekend, but I'm sticking to the original plan - 1% a week! Even so that will be close to 20 lbs lost since my first Tri in March - I can't wait to see if my performance improves because of it. I just can't see how it can't.

Alright - off to wake up my sexy husband (or maybe just crawl back in bed with him *smirk*)

Everyone have a fantastic and OP weekend!

Forgot to mention: I met my goal for this week so I'm going to go get a pedicure! I would love to get a manicure too, but just don't think it'll be worth it - after all, I'm supposed to be in the pool 3 days a week - my fingernails just don't stand up to that kind of abuse! :)

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  1. Well done on the wonderful loss! Keep up the good work!