Thursday, October 23, 2014

Start of Day 3

Ok, so maybe trying to blog every meal might be a little much - so I'll give you the dinner/breakfast rundown in one post.

Dinner last night was "Chicken Tenders with Red Pepper Sauce, Veggie Mix, Brussel Sprouts"

I took a chance on this one given my dislike of bell peppers and... wasn't too disappointing.  The Chicken Tenders were just diced up chicken breast - nice and tender.  The Veggie Mix was zucchini and yellow bell peppers - my only compliment there was that the bell peppers were really large so easy to remove.  When I have this again I'll pull the bell peppers out of it before I cook it.  The pepper sauce wasn't bad.  It wasn't too overwhelming - though there was a strong bell pepper taste to it.  It might be better if (as I said before) I took the large bell peppers out before cooking it.  And the Brussels Sprouts were... Brussels sprouts and really yummy as usual.  The only real bummer was that the combo of bell pepper and zucchini (where were laid under the chicken) added a LOT of water to the disk.  Again, a little rearranging before cooking might solve that too.  It was a good dish and I'll eat it again when it comes up in the rotation.

This AM breakfast was "Scrambled Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Spinach, Cauliflower"  It was great!  Very tasty, very filling!  My only 'points off' are that the spinach was mixed with cream cheese which was a little odd.  It wasn't bad, just a little rich (even for me) and it took me a while to get it all down.  Personally I could have done without the cream cheese - but then I like veggies - even spinach.

So, so far diets to go you are 5 for 5 on your meals - and I am a REALLY picky eater so that's saying a lot!

As for the rest of my progress...

Haven't put a workout plan in place yet.  I was so tired yesterday (minor crab flue perhaps) that it was all I could do just to stay awake at work.  Feeling pretty good today so maybe by this weekend I can start to put some light workout goals into effect.  I know I'm going to have to wait 2-4 weeks to be 100% Ketone adapted and start to really put the workouts in high gear.

As for progress... well I had been hovering around the 255 range for a while in Sept, beginning of Oct so that's why I was doubly upset that I had sprung up to 260.  As of today I'm 253.86 - I count that REAL progress and it makes me feel better about hitting some of my other goals.  249 by Mid Nov seems easy at this point!

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