Friday, October 24, 2014

Start of Day 4

Things are still going fantastic!

Yesterday's lunch was Roasted Pork Loin, Morel Sauce, Spinach, Green Bean & Red Peppers - and it was really good!  Pork was maybe a little tough, but then pork often is, and it was reheated in the microwave which toughen/drys out everything.

Dinner was Chicken Roma again (substituted for the seafood medley).  It was even better the second time around!  I'll happily keep that in the rotation.

This morning's breakfast was the one I was most worried about; Spinach Quiche, Sausage Link, Green Beans, Red Peppers.  It wasn't my favorite.  It was a little bland (until I added a good dose of salt)  but it wasn't bad.  It'll do.  I was worried what else might be in the Quiche (like onions) but it was thankfully onion free and the red peppers seem to only add color because I couldn't taste them at all (and that's a good thing).  I added a little butter to the green beans and that worked out, but I'm starting to get a little tired of green beens - they tend to turn up on every meal.

My only problem right now is that I'm having to force myself to eat because I'm not hungry.  I know I need the calories, I've been under every day, but last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast... I was choking them down.  Not sure what to think about that.. maybe if I exercise more?

and the weight... well I was down a smidge again today so the results are still rolling in! hooray!

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