Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Another Day Down

And I'm happy to say GREEN! I did as I planned and got off work early. Then I rushed home, changed and went outside for a run. It felt so good! I swear it felt as if I was flying around the track! I did the first mile in 12 minutes (a pretty good run for me) and in the 17 I ran I went just over 1.25 miles. The wierdest thing is that my gait seems to have changed some. I seem to be streching further forward (perhaps a reduction in my tummy roll?) and bounding off my back foot more - or so I'm assuming - because I got sore in a totally new spot. Just below the curve of my calf - not low enough to my ankle or achiles but not high enough for me to consider it my calf. Normally my first few runs I'm feeling it in my shins and my foot. I spent the rest of the night last night hobbling around because it hurt to flex or point my foot.

Needless to say pushing myself like that was a challenge. But a good one! By the time I finished I was REALLY FINISHED! One thing I'm curious about Tom is how you mange to run when it's so COLD outside!? It wasn't even THAT cold out but I felt the effects of it. For one, my eyes water when I run in the cold - so that starts my nose running, so it gets hard to breath through my nose so I start breathing through my mouth - spit builds up, and the cold gets into my lunges and burns... When I stopped my lungs hurt, my head hurt - my sinuses hurt from breathing the cold and I felt sick from sucking air into my stomach - and wierdest of all, my JAW hurt. And yet - at the same time I felt elated! I had set a goal and met it! I actually met the goal I set at the begining of each interval too and that helped push me along!

Nutrition was on track for the day too. Today will be a little more challenging as I have a 'dinner' meeting and I didn't pack my lunches today so I'll be eating on the run most of the day. I have a loose plan in my head of how to get through and I'm feeling confident enough to pull it off! I'm still passing up the table full of leftover Christmas food. and yesterday skipped the birthday cake. Surprisingly I haven't had any major cravings, though I'm pretty sure that has to do with keeping my fat levels nice and high.

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