Friday, February 6, 2004

Took off early yesterday so I could be home before dark. I changed clothes, and headed off to the track. I wasn't really sure what my goals for the day were going to be, but after I started I desided to do a moderate intensity cardio and go for distance instead of time. I suppose the most interesting part of the workout was when I got to 1.25 miles and checked my watch - it seems I run at the same 'average' pace weather I'm doing Moderate Intensity or Interval training because I got to almost the same exact spot on the track at 17 minutes last night as I did on Tuesday. I did the last lap (to bring the total to 1.5 miles) at a level 10 and finished in 19:30. For a penguin like me - who hasn't run since October I'm pretty happy with that! The best part is that I'm not having any trouble at all with my planter faciitis. My calves are still tight in that weird spot - and I'm starting to think that it has something to do with the spongy condition of the track. Still I'm working through it. Most importantly I feel FANTASTIC mentally. I'm getting SO much done at night. AND my pant-o-meter is still showing postive signs and - as if I didn't need further proof that my scale is whacked - my weight was 169 today. lol! I think it's probably more like 179. But more importantly I'm feeling energized and thinner... This weekend will pose a challenge as Nigel and I are driving down south to visit his parents. We're leaving right after work, so I don't know when I'll get my upper body workout in. And then eating 'clean' while visiting someone else - esecially someone who like to take us out to dinner - is always a challenge. Nigel's diet is even stricter (is that a word?) then mine so he's really got a challenge. (He's keeping his fat below 10% AND sugar below 10% of his carbs) Still we're both committed so we can support each other...

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