Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Yesterday was a great day. Food was on plan and CLEAN. I did a short but intense upper body workout and even managed to keep my diet soda intake to a 'reasonable' level. I'm looking forward to another clean day today. My lunches are packed and ready for when hunger strikes! The only possible stumbling block is that SOMEONE brought in chirstmas candy! What WERE they thinking!? But I'm having no cravings and walking past it a few times has produces NO twinges.

One MAJOR alteration in my thinking this challenge is that - due to my irratic workout schedule, I'm not going to eat as if I AM working out. Instead I'm going to go lighter throughout the day and if I manage to workout, add an extra shake at the end of the day. We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

The plan tonight is to get off early and hopefully get a run in before it gets too dark. If that doesn't happen then it will be a nice quiet evening with Billy Blanks. In eather case, I'm planning to do some Pilates as I've found that really makes my feel GREAT afterwords and does wonder for my posture.

I'll leave you with this insite from a friend of mine...

"I had a moment yesterday where I just wanted to say "forget it, this is too hard" but then I knew I'd be so disappointed in myself and besides, on the scale of things, this isn't that hard. Getting a divorce is hard, letting go of a loved one is hard, giving up an addiction is hard...but honoring and respecting your body by feeding it well and making it a fit machine is simply conforming to nature."

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