Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yesterday was 100% nutrition wise again. My clothes are back to feeling baggy and I'm feeling TONS better. Actually feeling that small little germ of hope again. My head always knows that change is possible, but sometimes my heart doesn't believe it. For now the entirity of ME seems to be in the same place and that's a relief.

Work has calmed down a little today.

Part of my goal in journaling was so that when I was finished, someone could look at it and be encoraged. I never expected it to be 'easy'. I think if someone else reads the things I go through and realizes that even though life and even your own body throws you curveballs, and you DON'T GIVE UP... you will, eventually, reach your goals then I've achieve something. I think there are few things more discoraging to someone on a journey then to look up at someone at the top of the mountain and have them say... "This was easy, I don't know why you are struggling so". When I make it I want people to know that it wasn't easy and yet I did it anyway... If that makes any sense at all. In a way, it's a little like christianity... Though I hate struggling I know it makes me stronger and I should be thankful for it... I learn valuable lessons every time.

anyway - I'm off to grab a salad going to get a salad bar at the pizza place - pray for me! *grin*

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