Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I tend to jump on things, then when I sit down and really THINK about it, realize that maybe I shouldn’t have… the restart is one of those things. but, I realized– that I can’t throw away the start to a challenge – it’s not as if those weeks didn’t happen. They are part of the make up of ME – if the ME I’ve made isn’t what I would like it to be, then I have to change my ACTIONS I can’t turn back time.

I also agree that I need to look further then ’12 weeks’ for me especially… Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I think I realize that job ahead of me is going to take a LOT longer then 12 weeks. More like 31 weeks (If I’m lucky). But at the same time, it’s important for me to think about and keep sight of the small goals along the way. The next 12 weeks – the next week – the next day! No – I’m not 12 weeks from perfection, but I’m one day away from a better me… and the day after that, and the day after that ad nausium…

Impatience what a NASTY word, and yet so much a part of me – Lack of vision, that I’ve been working on, and I believe I look beyond the next 12 weeks. But it never hurts to be reminded…

As for basing my progress, and my schedule on what EAS churns out – that I WON’T do!

Now – as for my report –

I didn’t workout last night. I was just feeling too crappy still. BUT I made sure today started out AWSOME by fixing my lunch and having it all ready to go this morning. Makes my entire day better when I start it with my lunch already packed! All the crappyness from yesterday was gone today when I woke up and it only reinforces that I need to STAY AWAY FROM MILK!! Food had been right on schedule, and I’m planning a leg workout for tonight.

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