Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Oddly enough, feeling better

So yesterday afternoon I drew a line in the sand, and said to myself .."Self, why are you doing this? Why wait for tomorrow to get back on track? Does it really matter that I cannot get a 'green' today? NO! I can still make my next meal the best it can be, and the next after that and the next after that... " So, I did!

To try and stem a little of this yo-yoing... I cut all carbs except for veggies (and I'm eating LOADS of those) This is usually a really easy way for me to put a crunch on the cravings monster.

Ironically enough, last night I started feeling REALLY crappy physically just as my mental angst started to lift. Still, I've managed to make postive choices today despite TOM's sledgehammer-like arrival. I picked up a bottle aleve and now I'm feeling as good physcially as I am mentally. Better, but not out of the woods. One thing that hit me like a brick between the eyes this morning as that, once again, I've allowed my suplimentation to slide. My body has made it obvious that Calicium and B6 is essential to combate my PMS symtoms, and yet, for some reason, when I started stuggling this month the fact that I had fallen behind seemed to slip my mind. I carry both in my purse vitamin caddy so I've taken some today and I'll do continue to do so EVERY day!

Alright - going to keep focusing on, one meal at a time... plod through the next few days. It's not about feeling it, it's about doing it. And I will! (I got the 'Yoda' pep talk today can you tell?)

a few shouts before I get back to work...

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