Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost the end of day three and the Feast Beast is starting to raise his ugly head.  It's almost always at this time during my diet that he starts to say WTF Mate.  The Feast Beast likes carbs and the simpler the better.  He started with just a little poke, a little prod -- then tonight, when I opened the fridge to take out the chicken, there, staring me in the face was fudge.  The urge to grab a piece of chocolate and shove it my mouth hit me like a punch in the stomach.  I was literally frozen in place for just a second.  But that second was all it took for the 'Real Me' to remember my goals and shut that fridge door.  Unfortunately that didn't shut down the Feast Beast.  He continued to whisper at me that "it's not the New Year yet"  and "This might be the last chance to have sugar for a long long time".  With the fridge closed it was easier to tell him to to "STFU" and get on with my evening.  Day four is usually the make or break day - I can tell ya here that I'm not going to break.

Warning!  - the video below can offend -- well, just about everyone - but it's funny.

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  1. Hi Shawn, wishing you luck with your journey. I will use the concept of the FeatBeast to stay on track, especially when I walk thru Grand Central Terminal on my way home!