Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Despite the fact that this is my first post here, this is hardly my first blog, so, on the off chance that you’re interested in a little history, I’ll point you to those old posts.

In Dec 2002 I decided to start a Body-for-Life challenge and to chronicle my progress through the 12 week contest.  Little did I know that that little blog would turn into a 8 year chronicling of the ups and downs of weight loss. 

My highest weight in that time:  240lbs
My lowest weight:  170

I also had a lot of posts about weight lifting and what I was doing at the gym.

But through all those years, no ‘ultimate success’.

In Oct 2008, I joined Team and Training and signed up to do a triathlon (at 240lbs).  I started a blog to chronicle my training as a way for folks to track me and (hopefully) donate money to the cause I was supporting, the leukemia lymphoma society.  When I finished the training and did the race I found I had been bitten by the triathlon bug, and the blog stayed up as I chronicled my races and struggles.

I struggled with keeping both blogs going and keeping relevant information on the appropriate blog.  Then, 2010 hit and I fell into a big giant slump.  Both blogs went ‘dark’.

And, so, here we are, on the edge of 2011 and I’m finding myself on a journey again.  I’ve been hitting the gym regularly ala my ‘Body for Life’ days, I’ve started a regimented diet, and I’ve signed up for a 5k race in Feb.  It just seemed to be a good time to pull all my thoughts into one place and start the new year with a bright shiny new blog.  And this, my friends, is it.

So, what is this blog about then?

It’s about a lot of things.  It’s about my getting to my goal weight – and staying there.  It’s about getting strong and getting fit, and getting my head in a good place.  And it’s about laughing a little along the way.

Who am i?

Well I’m a wife to a wonderful, amazing, and supportive husband, a mom to three great kids.  (22, 19, 17) and I work full time as an IT Project Manager.

Where am I at?

I weighed in on Monday at 217.2 lbs.  I’m going to the gym 5 days a week and using a training program called Max-OT.  I’m on a diet program called “Medifast”, because it’s simple and works for me, but I believe long term that the Paleo/Primal lifestyle is the way to go and it’s where I plan to live my ‘maintenance life’.   I’m currently signed up for a 5K in February and I’ll be starting a couch to 5K program next week.  As I’ve worked/struggled with my weight over the years, it’s become apparent to me that I’m a food addict, there will be portions of this blog that is related to that.  I’ve also recently come to suspect that I have ADHD.  So, as I learn more and get skills to deal with that, I’ll post here as it relates to my fitness and weight loss journey.

Where do I want to be?

Weight wise I want to get to 130 lbs.  2011 is the year I reach that number.  While I do that, I’m going to maintain, if not improve my overall strength (muscle mass).   Later in the year I’m going to return to training for and competing in triathlons.  I want to go back to some of the old tris I did and beat my time.  As I drop the weight, that should get easier and easier to do.

Please, feel free to post questions, comments, encouragement or… whatever… but realize that my blog is really a journal for me.  A way for me to take stock, record my journey and explore my own thoughts and feelings.  Although I might entertain/enlighten someone along the way, it’s not my primary focus, and if you don’t like the way or content that I post, I’m OK with that.  Don’t expect me to change.

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