Friday, December 31, 2010

As I said in my mobile post - the official WW weigh in has me down 4.1 lbs! hooray!  Resiting  the fudge temptation paid off.  And, I'm going to bring all the left-over fudge with me to the New Year's Party so I can be rid of it forever.

The gym was packed this morning.  Luckily the only thing I needed to do was arms - so I didn't have to stand around and wait for a bench or squat rack.

I'm so stoked that I was able to go up on bicep curls again.  Arms have always been a struggle for me and going up in weight is a constant battle - today I felt like I 'won'! :D

(And no one laughed at me at the gym today either!)

Standing Barbell Curl:  6 x 60 x 2
Hammer Curl:  6 x 25 x 2
EZ-Curl Bar - 6 x 60

Hanging Leg Lifts:  6 , 8
Cable Kneeling Crunch:  10 x 110

Week 2 - Day 3

I was planning on running on the treadmill at the gym, but, as I said it was BUSY and not only were they full, but there was a line!  I was waiting in line, but as I stood there looking out the windows and saw the sun shining outside I decided to brave the cold and get some Vitamin D.  So, I headed home, grabbed the dog, a dozen layers of clothes and headed out.  It was cold(ish) but fantastic, and to my surprise when I came home and downloaded my watch, almost all my running intervals were over 5MPR and all my walking intervals over 3.5MPR - so I ended up with my best pace to date!  (1.9 miles in 26:46 for a 14:07 pace) And the sunshine did wonders to elevate my mood! Yay for outdoor running.  

Almost forget - did the 'test' for my chin ups - the goal is to be able to do 20 chin-up this year.  Of course I can only do assisted chin-ups right now.  So for the test, I did 7 with 155lbs of assist.  When I get to 20, I'll start from the beginning again, but at a lighter assist weight.

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