Monday, December 27, 2010

Almost forgot!

Hit the gym this morning and got my workouts in.  It was at the Mil-Gym.  It was nice and quiet, just the way I like it.  I'm really dreading next week and all the resolutioners!  Maybe I should have planned a rest week that week - heh

Anyway - I got my Shoulder/Triceps workout in:

Dumbbell Front Raises: 6 x 15, 6 x 17.5, 6 x 17.5
Seated Dumbbell Press: 6 x 40 x 3
Side Lateral Raise: 6 x 25 x 2
Triceps Press-Down: 6 x 60 x 3
Lying Triceps Extension: 6 x 50 x 2
Seated Dumbbell Extension: 6 x 60

Then I jumped on the treadmill and did week 2 of my 5K program.  Still doing 5MPR on the runs and 3.5 MPR on the walking all at 1.5% incline.

Kept the 12 Min per Mile pace up for all of the 90 second intervals so I'm still hanging with that goal - hooray!

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