Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Tuesday, and workout wise, everything has been going well.

Sunday before bed I made sure that I had my phone charged, my podcasts loaded and my headphones working.  I also loaded up a yoga session (just in case) and threw my heart monitor and garmin watch inside my bag so that I was all ready to start back into the cardio training.  The next morning I hit the gym nice and early only to discover to my ultimate frustration that I had left my phone at home along with my headphones, watch and heart rate strap! So, basically my entire workout was over 40 miles away :(  I headed in anyway and did a workout from my head.  When I checked back later, it wasn't that far off from what I had planned.

Front Lat Raises:  6 x 15, 6 x 15, 6 x 20
Dumbbell Shoulder Presses:  6 x 40 x 2
Side Lat Raises:  6 x 25, 6 x 27.5
Lying Triceps Presses: 50 x 6, 55 x 6
Seated Triceps overhead press:  50 x 6

Then I went over to the Treadmill, warmed up for 5 minutes, pushed the incline up to 1.5% and did intervals - 2 minutes running, 3 minutes walking for 25 minutes.  After 30 minutes I had gone 1.8 miles.  Not too bad for a first day back.

This morning I hit the gym bright and early once again.  It was leg day - that always makes me happy.

Squat:  6 x 205 x 4
Leg Press:  6 x 560, 6 x 580
Stiff Leg Deadlift:  6 x 175 x 3

Felt tired but GREAT after all of that.

The food front hasn't been as great.  I got my new shipment of Medifast meals on Friday and I was really excited about all the new stuff like pancakes!

Friday night I went shopping and got a big load of meat and veg for my one 'lean and green' meal per day and I felt ready.

However, Friday night also started the great bake off.  Rum Balls, Oatmeal Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Biscotti etc all went into my oven - and portions of each also went into my mouth!

Saturday started well with Medifast pancakes, and a bar early in the day, but I folded when we went to the Dicken's Faire and bought a bag of cinnamon and sugar roasted almonds.  Later in the day I topped all that off with more baking and more 'tasting'

Sunday started with a brunch for a friend's birthday and ended with more baking and more tasting.  By the time I woke up on Monday morning, I had a terrible stomach ache weighed 220 lbs!  up almost 3 lbs from a week ago - DARN HOLIDAYS!

Yesterday, my lunch(s) were at home (along with my phone) but I had a bunch of meals stashed in a drawer at work so I figured I would be ok.  And I was.  I even got my husband to fix dinner so that it was ready and waiting for me when I got home.  But, then there was more baking and more cookies and more batter testing and bleh!

Of course there's the chance that going heavy at the gym is putting some of this weight on me, but certainly not all of it.  I just know I'll be glad when the holidays and all the partying and cooking is done! Cause apparently my will power isn't enough to overcome the magnetic pull of sugar cookie batter!

I would hate to think what I would weigh if I wasn't 'dieting' while eating all this cookie dough! lol!

My goal right now is not to beat myself up over my less then perfect start and keep working to make each day a bit better then the day before.  I'm in this for the long haul and that means learning to live life - and sometimes living means enjoying a fresh baked cookie (or three)

Happy Holidays All!

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